16th of August, 2016, the Annual Prize Distribution Day of Sri Sarada Math, Rasik Bhita. Mohit Maitra Mancha, was packed with an enthusiastic evening audience. The beginning of the two-hour programme was marked by Vedic Chanting.
After the concise welcome address, the students felicitated Revered Pravrajika Amalaprana Mataji, General Secretary, Sri Sarada Math and Ramakrishna Sarada Mission and Mr. Harsha Dutta, the Chief editor of Desh Patrika. The annual magazine, ‘MatriDevoBhava’, was formally released by most Revered AmalapranaMataji.
The annual report of RasikBhita was presented to capsule the various courses and activities of the institute. The charm of the evening was further heightened with the mesmerizing melody of Bhajans, presented by Sreemayee Ganguly, a former student.
The Chief Guest addressed the audience with his precise, thoughtful and comprehensive speech. This was followed by the speech of Revered Amalaprana Mataji, leaving the audience with contemplating thoughts.
Prizes were then given away by the guests to the students for their performance in various courses of the institute.
However, last but definitely not the least, was the enthralling performance of the students in the play,‘Nivedita’s House’.
The evening ended with smiles and hope in the midst of incessant monsoon showers!