The training at 490,Dumdum Park continued for a month followed by rigorous campus interviews. There were initial apprehensions about placement of the students. However, it ultimately turned out to be a huge success with all the 25 girls students grabbing a job in organizations like TBS Guwahati, Just Dial and so on. Initially, some reluctance was witnessed on the part of the girls. As the training progressed, girls turned up regularly, making the experience a successful one. Even the quietest of girls, interacted with utmost spontaneity and confidence. The month-long session has left an indelible mark in the history of corporate trainings held at our institute. Following the remarkable response and positive results, the 2nd session of training has begun on the 4th of April, 2016.

Exhibition on “COMPUTER and COMMUNICATION Today”
A three day exhibition was held at the premises of Sri Sarada Math, Rasik Bhita, from the 1st of May, 2016 to the 3rd of May, 2016. named, ‘Computer And Communication Today’. The students freshly out of their secondary and higher secondary examinations, have joined Rasik Bhita during the months of April and May. These young students come regularly to attend the classes on Communicative English and Computer. However, it is always exciting to do something different. And this led to the initiative of organizing the three day exhibition. The three days witnessed a self-driven initiative of the students who worked day and night, with constant support from their teachers. The exhibition explored subjects like, use of technology and science, automobile engineering, interior decoration, video games, 3D animation, communication games etc. The mention worthy stall was the one on Sister Nivedita and her visits to the different parts of India. It was an exquisite presentation with an audio visual session adding a unique element to the entire event.
The students quite efficiently demonstrated the relevance of the use of 3D animation; it is an indispensable feature in the world of media and animation. Cinema has reached another level with the use of animation and special effects. Designing in the field of automobile and architecture has acquired a new meaning through the use of 3D animation. The students explained each step adopted in achieving the best results in the field of animation.
The computer students exhibited skills that they have acquired throughout the year in the field of photoshop, corel draw, digital painting, designing invitation cards and so on. The visitors appreciated the students who confidently demonstrated the use of these softwares. One interesting initiative was that the visitors were given the chance to customize a card and there were arrangements to send the card to the visitor’s email id. Short films and e-card prepared by the students of the multimedia course were also exhibited.
In search of alternate energy/power :
The world is on verge of facing a huge crisis of mineral resources. But on the other hand, there ishuge rise in the use of electronic gadgets. Standing at this juncture, the students at the exhibition showed us a ray of hope while demonstrating the ecstatic concept of the supply of energy by means of vegetables we use daily. The use of lemon, copper coins and LED source generated light inside a model house.
The students demonstrated the reasons of poor Wi-fi signal and how the same may be improved. The use of cardboard or glass, steel, aluminium foil can readily hamper Wi-fi signal. The visitors gained a knowledge that was useful.
The concept of touch screen has gained popularity with the increasing use of smart phones. But how does it actually work? This was the theme where the students demonstrated the entire mechanism and also how it has developed over the years.
3D technology:
The use of red and blue glasses can make the world look closer…this is the 3D mechanism, well explained by the students at the exhibition. 3D books were also exhibited for the visitors to have a first-hand experience.
Cloud computing:
This is the most convenient feature for computer users. It allows smart storage, as explained by the students at the exhibition. It is even possible to borrow stored softward and data from the cloud with the ability to create a platform and infrastructure necessary for a software. The demonstration was indeed novel and useful.
Green-screen technology:
Here the students demonstrated how the entire background can be changed keeping a character in a pivotal position. They demonstrated with an instant use of the technology where the visitors’ picture was taken and set against a place or background chosen by the visitors themselves. It was quite exciting as an event.
My country, my people:
This was an exquisite experience where the visitors got the opportunity to look at India through the eyes of Sister Nivedita. Sister visited several places in India and a comprehensive demonstration of her visits was given by the students. It was a tour from one corner of India to the other, giving a detailed picture of how Sister rightly conceptualized India and her people. Adding an extra element to the entire experience, was a short audio-visual presentation. Also there was a model structure of Sister’s study at 16, Bosepara Lane.
Happy Listening:
With the sole aim of making Communication an effective tool, a quiz was conducted. This was mainly to stress on the listening skill and the event was made exciting with the distribution of prizes at the end of the quiz session. The students of Communicative English conducted this event.
Effective Communication:
A game was organized by the students of English. The game was mainly interactive, called ‘Know your partner’, through which even strangers started to interact exhibiting the message of effective communication.
Computer Games:
Several games were there to add an exciting element to the three days of the annual exhibition. The games were prepared and conducted by the students, which the visitors thoroughly enjoyed.
The exhibition witnessed a food stall where several dishes were prepared by the students. There was also the display of the various products of the Chhatrimangal project like photo frames, books, book marks etc. The visitors quite enjoyed visiting this stall as well.
To sum it up, the excitement, involvement and participation of the young students need absolute appreciation. The 3 days witnessed the cooperative initiative of the students apart from their daily schedule of classes. The visitors’ book was filled with pages of appreciation for the tireless effort of the young souls, our very own students of Rasik Bhita!